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Lomi-Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi is a very beautiful Hawaiian massage form that mainly involves massaging with the forearms and applying long and flowing massage movements with a generous amount of warm oil.

  The massage form that I give is the Kahu Abraham Style or the Temple Style Lomi Lomi where the movements mirror the rhythms of nature, from sparkling waterfalls to powerful ocean waves.

A Lomi Lomi massage is a fairly intimate massage between giver and recipient. It helps heal, trust, let go of the body, clear emotional and mental blockages, or experience a feeling of unconditional love. The holy temple (massage room) offers a safe environment to be vulnerable, to surrender to the masseur's hands and is open enough to be who you really are.

Because a lot of oil is used, you lie on a table with an oil-resistant sheet during the massage. It is common to be naked all over the body so that the long smooth strokes over the entire body can be easily performed and the flow of the massage is not interrupted. The intimate parts of your body are neatly covered with a sheet.

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