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Our body is covered with skin all over. It is the most exposed area of our body and has to face many unpleasant elements when comes in the contact with environment. Our skin starts showing effects of hard sun and pollution if not treated well. The weather also affects our skin in many ways. Our skin becomes scaly and dry during winters, it becomes itchy during monsoon and acne, pimple, pigmentation etc. are some common problems which we face all the times. A Full Body cream massage is very useful and effective in reducing the various atmosphere related issues on our skin. Scrubbing is the very basic step of beauty treatment. Scrub helps in keeping our skin smooth and healthy. It removes dead skin and bring instant glow. A spa uses the procedure of scrubbing before full body massage as it gives a better result.

Our body also sheds dead cells from time to time like our face. The exfoliating granules in scrub removethese dead cells from our body. The rubbing of scrub boosts blood circulation. The scrubbing should always be done gently.

After scrubbing a cream massage is very beneficial. There are various essential oils and herbal oils that are blended with massage cream for a therapeutic effect on our body. The body scrubbing helps in unclogging the pores of the skin so that the rich creams used for body massage can penetrate deep into the skin. The body moisturizing cream is applied all over the body right from the head to toe make the skin more supple and soft. There are many pressure points on our body which helps in reducing pains.

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